Fing’rs Prints Review

So I’m a sucker when it comes to new nail stuff at the store. I was looking for a particular fake nail set when I stumbled upon these.

photo 1-2I really liked the design, the price was 5 bucks so I said ehh why not! The only thing that made me fret was that they were “stick on”. So I bought some nail glue to make sure these babies stuck.

To make things easier I’ll just write a list of pros and cons.


-Lots of designs to choose from

-Variety of style for each kit, not the same print

-The sticky stuff already attached to the nail is actually REALLY sticky

-Price $5 @ Walmart

-Easy to apply

-Non Damaging


-Not good for people with small fingernails like myself. Really limited on sizes.

-Not good for people who’s nails are flat (like mine)

-Can’t really file to fit better. The sticky stuff is already attached and the nail is quite thick.

-When using the sticky stuff to adhere the charm, it catches everything! Ex. Like when you run your fingers through your hair.

-The nails stick fairly well, but move when trying to open a soda, or scratch something. It’s really a weird feeling and after 3 days I was so  annoyed I ripped them all off.

photo 2-7

Sooooo, I mean the fake nails didn’t damage (even w/glue) my real nails. If the sticky stuff wasn’t there and I was able to just nail glue them I bet they wouldn’t do that moving motion so much. Unfortunately, my nails are tiny and it’s hard to get things like this to fit right which is why I was looking for my original kit. These are perfect for a special event, or something to wear for a day. After 3 days I was annoyed and even though none of my nails started to peel or rip off, the moving sensation was bothering me. Too bad because the design was tooooo cute!

Have you used Fing’rs Prints before? If not, what do you use?


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